‘Historic Landmark-Sustainable Workplace’

Our words alone could not possibly express the meaning and importance of preserving our past, our heritage, our re-purposing of existing resources; as those of the current occupier of the old Power House Building.

The CannonDesign Group’s words eloquently express their view regarding this building.

The following is taken directly from their web page, describing just what this building means to them and to all of us who value what those who came before us have left behind.


“Re-energizing a Historic Landmark as a Sustainable Workplace

CannonDesign, St. Louis Power House, St. Louis, MO


After standing vacant for nearly 30 years, the 19,000 sf Power House building in downtown St. Louis opened as CannonDesign’s St. Louis office. Constructed in 1928 and designated as a landmark by the National Historic Register, the Power House provides coal-fired steam heat to a dozen downtown buildings until its decommissioning in 1980. Although the building’s exterior shell and original structural steel were fundamentally sound, significant imagination and rigorous design analysis were required to convert the building for workplace use. New floors were cantilevered within the building’s massive volume to create a total of 32,000 sf of office and conference space. The floors are set back from the building’s spectacular windows to maintain the sense of transparency and volume. Exterior improvements included creation of a 3,500 sf urban garden and historically accurate replacement of windows in their original masonry openings.

The LEED Gold building now performs at an exceptionally high level, exceeding even forecasted energy-use predictions. Major contributors to this success are the high-efficiency window system, control systems for day and night cooling and CO2 sensors that control ventilation.”

“….the building’s spectacular windows…..sense of transparency and volume.”  “Exterior improvements included….historically accurate replacement of windows in their original masonry openings”   “Major contributors to this success are the high-efficiency window system….”  

Thanks to CannonDesign for their recognition, the role high quality windows play in the design and function of a modern office building complex.

This is just one of the many historic landmark buildings Dalco Industries has been involved in.  On our “Projects” page you will see several more examples of buildings that just a few years ago would have been considered beyond saving and headed for the wrecking ball.  But now, with the help of many historical societies, government grants and private funding; St. Louis is finding a way to preserve our past for our future.  

Dalco is proud to be just a small part of this effort.