Recently Completed Projects

Shriners Hospital

Shriner’s Hospital

Woodward Lofts

Woodward Lofts

Holiday Inn St. Louis

Holiday Inn St. Louis – South County Center

Fitz's Bottle Co.

Fitz’s South County

Hotel St. Louis

Hotel St. Louis

Last Hotel St. Louis

The Last Hotel STL

Level on Locust

Level on Locust

The Crescent Building

The Crescent Building

Monogram on Washington Avenue

Monogram on Washington

Old Power House, now home to CannonDesign, 286 specialty windows

Shafly Tap Room, 330 historic casement and fixed windows

Beyond Houseing

Beyond Housing

Harbor Lights, Salvation Army

Central Institute for the Deaf

Central Institute for the Deaf

Angad Arts Hotel

Angad Arts Hotel

Metropolitan Building Apartments, 550+ historic single hung windows

Leather Trades, 422 single hung historic renovation

Station Plaza, 450 fixed and casement windows

The Railton, 312 historic windows

@4240 Wexford Labs building

@4240 (Wexford Lab) , 756 new windows

York Apartments, 215 single hung replacement windows

Heritage House

Arcade Apartments

The Arcade Building, 2300+ single hung windows

Merchants, over 200 windows replaced

Arlington School, 180 windows

Cupples Building, wood window replacement

Timothy Lutheran Church

Station Plaza

DeSoto School

Entry area @4240 (Wexford Lab)

Castle Park Apartments. National Park Approved series windows. 1118 windows.

Mechanical House at Old City Hospital, 644 replacement windows